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  • Togo Soul 70

Hot Casa Records presents “Togo Soul 70”: Selected Rare Togolese Recordings from 1971 to 1981.
After months of work, trips, licensing process, love and passion : the Togo Soul 70 compilation double gatefold vinyl, cd and digital was released Nov 18 th 2016 !
A must have for all music lovers and soundtrack of the documentary Togo Soul 70 directed by Liz Gomis & Dj Julien Lebrun!

Track #7 : Wokunyeya, crazy Afro-funk track by Gabelo.

  • Reissue of “Wokunyeya” remastered @ Capitol Records – Los Angeles

Wokuneya « Cause toujours, tu m’intéresse ! », Gabelo’s first ever EP, recorded in Ghana with GB Orchestra and released in 1975. In this Afro Funk track, Gabelo sings in his native language (Mina) and speaks of those who don’t know that a good deed is never wasted. The first project of a plentiful career, Wokunyeya stayed at the top of the charts in Lomé. The second track on the record is Agouto.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of his musical career, the first EP’s of Gabelo has been re-mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Evren Göknar at Capitol Records / Los Angeles.
Available Here.

Gabelo - Wokunyeya
Gabelo chante "Le Liberateur"
  • Album : Le Libérateur

New gospel album of Gabelo.
Following a near death experience and after the success of the album Seigneur Merci in which he thanks the Lord who saved him, Gabelo comes back with a new project produced in France and Togo: Le Libérateur.
Available Here : DigitalHard Copies.







Ambassador of Rhythms and Togolese Music

Christian Elo Gaba, AKA Gabelo, is a singer-songwriter and percussionist enamored with his African roots, and particularly his native country of Togo. His lyrics, sung in Mina and French, draw upon spirituality and philosophy.

Laureate of the first Togolese songwriting festival, Gabelo enrolled in the conservatory of Dijon, France, in the 70s to study saxophone. While in school, he founded his first band, AMEGAN, with whom he toured Europe and Africa. After completing his degree, he returned to Togo and it wasn’t until marrying his French girlfriend and the birth of their first child Fabrice that he returned to France.

Although far from his country, his passion for the rhythms of his motherland grew stronger. His dream became to educate the world on the cadences of his youth, known as Akpesse, Kamou and Agbadja. So in 1990 he founded the Association for the Promotion of Black Rhythms (“A.P.R.Y.N.O”) in Lyon, France and began teaching percussion in several music schools around France. He returned to school and became a professor of African Music Therapy, creating the concept “Kool & Zen,” which promotes teamwork within companies through group percussion classes.



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